Customer Testimonials

People that you trust go along way for My wife and I. We worked with Inez for years before she retired and she was always friendly and helpful with what are needs were. Rod is the ultimate professional who cares for the people he works with.

Customer since 2002

We have had our car and insurance with you for many years with no issues. The Erie premiums are tolerable. The few times we've made a claim the adjuster and payments have been prompt.

Customer since 1988

Always helpful and willing to help! Keep up the good work Larry!!!

Bernard H., customer since 1989

After recently switching agents for the first time in 17 years, Larry assessed our policy, increased our coverage and saved us money. Not sure you can ask for more than that.

Customer since 1999

Very friendly , helpful and quick!

Customer since 2001

Friendly and professional.

Rawlyn V., customer since 2017

When we needed to use our insurance after the deer ran into our car, you were very helpful and walked us through it. The service was pron\mpt and our car was back on the road in great time. Thank you for your service.

Customer since 101

Good customer service

Justin B., customer since 2000

Chaney-Buskirk are awesome to work with. The company has competitive rates and fantastic coverage. The agents are super accommodating with my varying insurance needs.

Carrie D., customer since 101

Anytime we needed to do a claim, everyone was super nice and helpful.

Customer since 2011

Mr. Warner provides a level of customer service which is far above and beyond anyone's reasonable expectations. Your entire staff is always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. The product(s) you offer are always exactly as advertised and everyone makes an effort to make sure that your customers understand what it is that they have purchased.

Customer since 2006

great friendly service mike gearing

John G., customer since 2000

service was very quick on my home owners claim. EVERYONE was very helpful, problem solved fast. R.D.Glenn

Robert G., customer since 2001

Friendly service and quick response

Cathy M., customer since 999

Have never had any issues with getting help or advise and Inez is fantastic to work with

Customer since 101

Agent got us coverage we needed in a very limited amount of timing . Explained the details/limits of the specific policy efficiently.

Customer since 2010

Customer Service is fantastic.

Casey M., customer since 2005

Larry has always been great and on top of everything and that means a lot! Personal attention always a top priority.

Customer since 2000


Customer since 1988

Very accommodating. The most reasonable prices. Easy to work with!

Luke D., customer since 1997

Quick to resolve any issues, billing, claims, etc.

Customer since 2008

Great prices on insurance and agents are very helpful and nice to deal with.

Customer since 2013

Good prices. Great service

Customer since 2010

very easy to talk to and work with

John R., customer since 2012

Great customer service at Ft. Ashby office!

Customer since 2011

You’re always there to answer questions. Service is outstanding

David P., customer since 2013

Very easy to work with. I have been able to communicate by email just as easily as by phone which is very valuable in today's world when we are all so busy.

Kelly P., customer since 2015

We always receive a quick response and a timely quote. In addition, the Chaney-Buskirk personnel are always polite and efficient.

Layne C., customer since 2015

30 years of wonderful service

Glenn P., customer since 2009

It's not just our local office. But having the kind services and help from the ladies in there are great. Thank u specifically Amy for your time and patience u hav had wth me. The first agent we had ever had to deal with a claim was outstanding. They helped us get thru the troubles that nobody else would. I am so satisfied with my insurance I wouldn't change unless I was made too.... And nobody will make me switch. Thank u so much for everything ...

Paula M., customer since 2014

Making available the right product at the right price. Thank you from a soon to be long time customer

Customer since 2000

I’ve always felt that the first person you meet as you walk into a business, tells you everything you need to know. Not one, but several people at the agency located in Ridgeley have gone the extra mile with welcoming smiles, genuine friendliness and a special sense of appreciation for making the company my choice in insurance.

Beth G., customer since 2001

Like Larry Werner agent. No "claims" so far, so no other basis.

Thomas W., customer since 2000

The customer service at Chaney-Buskirk has improved significantly since we first joined in 2009.

Customer since 1996

Hi Lindsey. Actually our entire experience with Chaney-Buskirk, and more specially, Larry Werner, was very positive. From the moment that I responded to a C-B ad by sending an inquiry about getting information on auto & home owners insurance coverage. Mr. Werner contacted us promptly and then scheduled a visit to our home to for further information and pricing. Suffice to say, we were impressed with Mr. Werner's professionalism and his knowledge of what we were looking for. After the visit we promptly received premium quotes for both home & auto coverage and to our surprise was very favorable when compared with the company that we have been dealing with in excess of 15 years. Getting the policies set up was very simple and setting up premium payments with automatically payment each month worked very well. So, what did C-B do right? Everything, and thanks to C-B and specifically Mr. Werner.

George S., customer since 2017

Saved me money on my car insurance.

Gene P., customer since 2017

You are the cheapest best coverage that my husband and I could find in this area. You are very easy to work with and always understanding. Everytime we have needed you you've always been ready to help, answer questions, or whatever it is we need and are always extremely nice.

Customer since 2001

Awsome service!!

Brian S., customer since 2010

My agent is available and willing to help me at any time. Great personal service and competitive rates!

Customer since 2015

Processed my change in insurance quickly when I moved to another state, and explained the changes that would occur in a way that I could understand. Great price for the level of service that you get.

Customer since 2012

You guys do everything right

Customer since 2000

We are always grateful for a company that has a personalized feel to it. You are always there to answer questions or go over policies, updates, etc., any time we need. We don't feel like we're just another number. Your company has always made us feel like you are there for us which is something we truly appreciate.

Customer since 2003

Kept after me to get the policy. I needed it but was very busy at the time.

Monica D., customer since 2017

Fast and friendly service. Good rates.

Customer since 2006

Very professional, quick respond, and a competitive quote.

Long And Foster, customer since 2017

Wonderful service!

Andrew L., customer since 2015

Very friendly and great insurance prices that are affordable

Customer since 2000

Always excellent customer service. Always polite and friendly. The Chaney-Buskirk folks are a pleasure to do business with during each and every experience.

Sean O., customer since 2009

You were very fast and efficient with our policy quote. You accommodate people who work full time. Very polite and professional staff.

Richard S., customer since 2015

Friendly, and quick to respond to emails or voicemails. Great rates as well.

Joshua T., customer since 2009

Cheaper than State Farm

Customer since 2017

We have been dealing with Chaney Buskirk for well over 30 years. Over this time we have used most of their services at one time or another. They have been very helpful in all cases whether it is insurance for special vehicles or recreational velhicles, new vehicle purchase, home owners or rental property insurances. They always have the information I need and always work to keep my rates down. To put it succinctly, they are on the ball.

Craig F., customer since 1991

I have been with Chaney-Buskirk for several years, and living in a small town it is nice to feel that you're being taken care of by someone who actually cares about you personally.

Customer since 1000

One word Everything, thank you Larry.

Kenneth K., customer since 2017

Quick and easy. Larry was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything you do!

Ashley D., customer since 2017

Fast, friendly service that meets all of my insurance needs.

Customer since 2012

You are affordable, cooperative and very responsive. Thank you!

Customer since 2000

The Chaney-Buskirk team consistently exceeds our expectations on customer service from their prompt attention to their thorough analysis of every situation. Chaney-Buskirk delivers not only products that are competively priced, but more importantly world-class service — we highly recommend them for all insurance needs without reservation.

Customer since 2003